“Pearl” a light shade of beige is the theme color for this week #colour_collective.

I used id on the upper wing of a very special kind of peacock, the one who can generate stars from his gorgeous tail.

The Starbound peacock is bond to the galaxy to which he gives precious gifts!

Old good tecnique here solid colors, no shade, colored outlines. The glow effect is done with a layer set on add glow and the soft spray tool.

Have a Starry Night Everyone!



Proboscis Monkey

“P is for Proboscis Monkey” is the endangered species for this week #AnimalAlphabets.

This is a very unusual kind of monkey with a very important nose!

So it deserved the right frame to enhance it! 😀

I did a little zentangling (is it even a word?) around it using the symmetrical ruler and vectors and colored the monkey with watercolors.

Happy Monkey Monday Everyone!


Anne with an E

Portland Orange an ultra vivid shade of orange is the main color theme for this week colour_collective on twitter.

One of the best show on netflix this season was for me “Anne with an E” so I decided to depict the actress as she is on the playbill.

This thime I opted for a new kind of colouring, the digital oil paint. I used the defualt CSP brush called oil paint. The line-art is done free-hand with the G-pen and than clipped to a dark reddish brownish color.

By the way I am also a huge fan of the “Anne of Green Gables” books series by Lucy Maud Montgomery, so if you didn’t already read it, go for it! Totally worth the reading! You can find all the books legally and for free on project gutenberg .

Have an Happy reading!



“O is for Orangutan” is the endangered animal for this week #AnimalAlphabets on twitter.

Orangutans are the most intelligent apes on Earth, and according to wikipedia, they are capable of interaction on different levels, some orangutans in captivity use touch screen to play videogames! Would they like to play Donkey Kong?! 🙂

Jokes Apart, here my watercolors Orangutan, surrounded by all the Borneo’s best specialties! Yes, I investigated and found that jackfruits, durango, ranbutan and palm fruits are Orango favorite food! So I depicted the jackfruit (the reddish ones), durango (the yellow ones), and ranbutan’s flowers (the pink spiky ones)  all around her (yes she is a lady orangutan), plus the palm’s fruit (the branch with orange little fruits)!

The butterflies are a typical one from Borneo, the dots were supposed to be all black, but it resulted too harsh on the illustration, so i decided to live them white.

There are also two jackfruits (the actual fruits) can you spot them?

The brush I used is the same watercolor brush from my 2 previous posts, you can find there more info.

Happy Monday Everyone!



“Pantone 292 C” a shade of blue is the main color for this week #colour_collective on twitter.

It was screaming “Sea” to me. So here it is a very Summery Oceanish Illustration to cheer your week-end and make you feel like swimming, and sunbathing and having fun!

Like in my last illustration I decided to use a watercolor brush, the experimentation is so much fun! I used the same brush, the one called エッジ (google translates it as “border”).

I also detailed the lighthouse and the little beach with a marker-pen-brush called “Muted and Even Pen”. Unfortunately I can’t remember if this is default with CSP or if I downloaded it on CSP Asset. Probably the second one. I used it to ink-shade the windows on the lighthouse (with black strokes) and the dotting on the left. I also used it to dot and shade a little  the beach on the left. I left the outlines black.

Happy Summer Everyone!



The Numbat is the chosen animal for this week #AnimalAlphabets on twitter.

It is an australian animal who eat ants and resembles a striped squirrel.

I decided to go for a different coloring style this time, using a watercolor brush for the numbat and all the flourishing around it. I used one of the many watercolor brushes that you can download for free from the Clip Studio Paint Asset, this one was called エッジ (google translates it as “border”). I can’t remember exactly from which package this is from, but on CSPA there are so many brushes that you just only have to choose one and are good to go.

I colored the flourishing outlines with a gradient done with the browns used on the numbat.
Can you spot the little afraid ant?

Happy Monday Everyone!


Wine Party

“Byzantium Purple” is the color for this week #colour_collective. It is a shade of purple.

It reminded me of the wine color. So I decided to host a party for my three little rodent fellas with a special kind of wine: the Fizz Wine! Never heard of it? It’s a wine that fizz and bubble, so you don’t get bored while you booze it up!

Jokes apart, that’s always time for a party, so let’s get started!

I used a solid color base, a layer set on multiply for the shadow (obtained with the spray tool) and partially colored outlines. The glow on the candle is done with a layer set on “add glow” clipped to the background (with the spray tool with a yellow  color).

The bottle’s label is done with the material called elevation (on the “effect and feeling” category of CSP).

Happy Fizzy Booze Everyone!


Military Macaw

Hello Fellow Followers!

It’s #AnimalAlphabets time! This time the endangered animal is a very colorful parrot, the Military Macaw.

I used a flat color base, cell shading on the macaw and colored outlines for the plants.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Coffee Time

It’s that time of the week! It’s #colour_collective time! This round the chosen colour is “Khaki” a shade of brown/green. The tone chosen was more brownish than green and reminded me of mocha coffee. So I decided to use it for a coffe time!

But what’s better than a mocha coffee than a mocha cat?

So here it is my lil mocha kitten taking it’s time before eating all the donuts and pastries at his disposal!

Mocha kittens due their fur color to the intensive use of mocha coffee. It’s something well known right? 🙂

I did a bit of shadowing this time, using the spray tool set on “shadow”. For the remaining part, flat colors and coloured outline as always!

Enjoy your coffee Everyone!



“L is for Loris” is the endangered animal for this week #AnimalAlphabets.

The Loris is a nocturnal primate, with huge kind eyes. It is described as a shy animal, so that “In Indonesia, slow lorises are called malu malu or “shy one” because they freeze and cover their face when spotted.”(from wikipedia) How cute is that?

Unfortunately this animal is endangered due to exotic pet trade.

I decided to depict the loris on a moon, due to his nocturnal nature, a special moon which also is a forest, as the loris habitat. The loris is a little sad because he wants to stay in his natural environment and not to be a human pet exposed to daylight and in a cage.

I used solid colors on the loris, colored outlines and no shades. The moon color is done using a gradient from yellow to brown, so that moon-forest was a little golden-brown on the forest part. I did a zentangle all over the moon to add a tattoo effect. The glowing effect is done clipping a layer set on “add glow” to the background a using the spray tool with a yellow color. I also colored the moon and stars outline with a lighter yellow to enhance the glow effect.

Happy Moon Dreaming Everyone!