The Fox and The Little Prince

This week theme for #AnimalAlphabets in the “endangered animals” serie is “F is for (island) Fox”.

The Island Fox is a very cute little type of fox with orange and grey fur. I decided to depict it as the friendly fox of  “The Little Prince” by  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry , if  you dind’t have read the book do it, it’s worth it!

So my fox is actually a space-island fox, with  his beloved prince on the little planet where he belongs. Why the rose are you asking? Read the book and you’ll know!

The tecnique is my very-basic-one: solid colors, no shade, black outlines (except for the planet and stars  where the outlines are colored).

Happy Space Foxyness Everyone!




“Baker-Miller Pink” is the theme color for this week #colour_collective.

Solid colors and no shades for my illustration this week. No explanation, just Imagine!



Echidna is the animal for this week  #AnimalAlphabets hashtag on twitter .

The echidna is an adorable animal covered in spines. A little problematic feature when you want to style your mane according to recent fashion. So my poor echidna wears his “bad hair day” hat and carries on.

I decide to use a comic style with  flat colors (exception for the giraffe face and the shadows on the subway seats done with the spray tool set on “shadow”).

The outlines are colored according to the rest of the figures. The background pattern is done with the material called “Honeycomb Structure” (default with CSP).

Happy metro riding everyone!


Tea Time

“Lemon Chiffon” a shade of yellow is the theme color for this week #colour_collective.

Nothing better than a chiffon cake and a cup of tea don’t you think?

At least so think the mice in my illustration, that are having a great time during their tea time!

Solid colors, shade with the spray tool set on “shadow” and no outlines for this illustration!

Enjoy your Tea Time!



“D is for Dugong” is this week theme for #AnimalAlphabets on twitter.

May is the month of mermaids on the artsy web, you can see many beautiful mermaids watching the hashtag #mermay on the various social.

So I decided to merge the two themes with a very special contest “The Mermaid World Contest”. Who will be the winner? Look at my illustration and you’ll know!

Super basic style: solid colors, black outlines,  shades done with the spray tools and colors on the mermaids’ tales and banner done with rainbow gradients.

Happy Swimming Everyone!


Smashing Stars

This week color for #colour_collective was “MountBatten Pink”, a shade of pink used as camouflage on military vehicles.

I decided to use it for a very “elusive” galaxy and to tale the story of how precious and rare metals are made, with the priceless help of His Majesty King Octo (the one and only).

The galaxy is done with the spray tool set on “droplet”, “tone scraping” and “shadow” and with two layers set on “add glow” to obtain the light effect.

The smashing effect on the stars is done with different material of CSP: “surprised4_yellow”, “saturated line_bright 02” and “circle flash medium 01”.

For the strips with King Octo I used a solid color base, shadow done with the spray tool set on “shadow”, and for the texture effect also the spray tool set on “tone scraping” and “droplets”.

Happy StarGazing Everyone!



The Cassowary is a very special kind of bird, one of the biggest birds on earth.

It is also this week theme for #AnimalAlphabet on Twitter “C is for Cassowary”.

I did this illustration early in April to give it as “sample img” for the hashtag, so I will try to remember the tecqnique as best as I can.

The most difficult part of the drawing were the “feathers” which on the Cassowary  consist of  shaft and loose barbules (as from Wikipedia). So I did a base of single drawn feather with the G-pen, doing multiple lines, than I used the spray tool in an underlying layer with a mix of blue, brown and black. Than I used the spray tool set on “running color” to add light and texture. I used the spray set on “droplet” or “tone scraping” to add texture on the legs, head and beak.

The waterfall’s stone is also textured with the spray tool on “tone scraping” using blue and green.

All the shadow are done with the spray tool set on “shadow”. The grass is done with the brush called えんぴつ塗りつぶし 2 (fill brush 2) (free on CSP Asset). The background of the bushes and tree on the back is done with one of the default material of CSP called Monochrome.

Did you know that the male Cassowary takes care of the chicks? So the one in the picture is a Dad!

Happy May Everyone!



King Octo Most Precious Gem

Deep in the endless ocean abyss a Mighty King Rules them all!

His Name is King Octo and he loves Treasures!

The chosen color for this week #colour_collective was “Lava” a deep tone of red.

I decided to show to the world (with the courtsey of His Majesty) King Octo most precious gem, the invaluable “Lava Ruby”.

This illustration is my humble attempt to reproduce His Majesty in one of his many contemplative moments…

I used a solid color base with shadows obtained with the spray tool set on “shadow”. The turtle’s shell is done with many different strokes of color done with the G-pen casually to obtain the multi-color effect.

On the little picture on the left (one of King Octo favorite paintings) I used a solid color base and than I added multiple lines  to simulate brush strokes using the “Diagonal Line” tool (one of the decoration tool of CSP).

The light reflection on the ruby is done with the “sparkle C “(also in the decoration tool).

I obtained the sand effect with the spray tool set on soft and on tone scraping.

The color on the shell-throne is done with a gradient.

Happy Week-End Everyone!



Blue(s) Whale

For the letter B on this week #AnimalAlphabets  for the “endangered animals” serie we have “Blue Whale”.

I decided to twist a little the theme making the blue become Blues.

So here it is my blues whale playing a song with the magic of his saxophone, while two merry mice are dancing. And what a couple of mice! Do you recognize them? If not, just look at the club’s name and think! (yes! la la land!).

The comic is done with my now very basic tecnique, solid colors, black outlines, shade done with the spray tool on “shadow” and the blue glow with a layer set on “add glow” and the spray tool with a blue color. The wood texture for the stage is done with the “wood” texture default with CSP, and the floor is done with the texture called “Disorganized tile”.

Let’s dance Everyone!


Sweet Dreams

“Kingfisher” a shade of green is the theme color for #colour_collective this week.

I used the color for the dinousar on the acorn, and in a lighter shade for the sea waves.

Very basic tecnique: solid colors, colored outlines and a “light effect” on the sea waves obtained with the spray tool set on “highlight”. The background is done with a gradient.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!