A Winter Tale

“Timberwolf”, a shade of grey, is the main color for this week #colour_collective.

For once I decided to go boldly with the chosen color and colored my drawing with only shades of grey.

The name of the colour made my mind run wild and a little story came to life. The story of Winter. Read the comic and you will know it!

Do I need to talk about the tecnique? Maybe not, solid colors and cell shading! That’s all folks!

Happy Reading EveryOne!



Ulysses Butterfly

“Ulysses Butterfly” is the enangered species for this week #AnimalAlphabets on twitter.

I decided to go for a comic look and tell a little story. The Ulysses butterfly in my illustration is really the butterfly of Ulysses!

On the magic isle of Eëaland of the witch Circe’s Bed & Breakfast, Ulysses and the Butterfly met.

The two of them bonded immediately and had an awesome time sunbathing and hiking  (yes butterlies really like to hike!) on the island!

Ok, maybe the story of Ulysses and the Ulysses butterfly is not exactly like this, but, hey, you need to go wild with you mind sometimes!

By the way no one has never complained about Circe’s Bed and Breakfast! Not even a pig!

Have a Beautiful Week Everyone!



“Shocking Pink” is the chosen color for this round  #colour_collective.

What Pink is made of? It’s made of Unicorns and Rainbows and candies and stars and butterflies and hearts! And music playing in your ears while you are skating! Yes Pink is made with all this and much more! Just feel the pink and go with the flow! 😀

Plain basic style here, flat colors and black (or colored) outlines, no shades.

Here you can see an early appereance of a very special guest (who’s identity I can’t reveal for now) and a sneeky appereance of His Majesty Kinf Octo (in form of keychain plushies), can you spot Him?

Have a Nice Pink Roller-Skate Everyone!


Tansy Beetle

The “Tansy Beetle” is the endangered species for this week #AnimalAlphabets. It is a green iridescent bug who loves the yellow tansy flowers!

I decided to go for a comic style, and imagined a rockabilly tansy beetle who go gets his girlfriend for a drive-in cinema nigth!

He gets her with his beautiful blue ford thunderbird! And obviously gives her a bouquet of yellow  tansies!

I used a solid color base a black outlines, a little shading with the spray tool and I gave textures on the house with materials that are default in CSP. The shadows on the ground are done with the spray tool set on “tone scraping”.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your ride and have a nice night at Bugs Drive-In!


As You Wish

“Buttercup” a vivid shade of yellow is the main color for this week #colour_collective on twitter.

But Buttercup is also a beautiful princess, deeply in love with Westley! Yes the Pricess Bride, my absolute favorite movie of all time!

So here it come my top couple of all the couples in the love history: Pirate Roberts and Princess Buttercup!

This time I’ve gone for  a complete new tecnique. I used a chalk brush (which I downloaded from the CSP Asset, but I can’t remember the name) for the whole picture to gain a colored-pencil/hand drawn effect.
The two beautiful lovers are obviously surrounded by very stilized buttercup flowers.

The chalk brush is the only tool I used here, even for the writing.

If you haven’t seen the movie I absolute reccomend seeing it, totally worth it. I am a huge fan of this movie, I also read the book by william goldman (who also did the screenplay for the movie). Go see it! Or read the book! Hurry! They’re beautiful!!!

Have a love As You Wish it will Be Everyone!


Snow Leopard

“S is for Snow Leopard” is the endangered animal for this round on #AnimalAlphabets.

I decided to go for a winter, cold, snowy theme. So here it is my snow leopard with his fellow friend Snowman, bonding in a winter wonderland!

A red cardinal looks at them and maybe start to sing. Meanwhile the snow is slowly falling down.

I used an established style here. G-pen black  inking,  flat color base, shadow done with the spray tool on a “multiply layer” and tone scraping for the snow-dust!

Have a Fresh Monday Everyone!




“Cordovan”, a reddish-brown is the theme color for this week #colour_collective.

It is the colour of a famous type of shoe leather, but I decided to use it for some mushrooms.

Rainbow Elves love to stargaze on clear nights, and which best place than the top of a shroom?

I used a solid color base,  black outlines and shadow made on layer set on “multiply” and spray tool set on shadow, tone scraping and droplet to give different textures.

The little glow on the outlines of the elf, animals/insects, stars and shrooms is done with a layer set on “soft light” and the spray tool set on “soft” with a yellow color (the moon’s yellow).

With the a starring appearance of the Frog Prince , and furry maple moth. Do you know maple moths? NO? Well they are pink and yellow furry moths, vivid pink. Awesomest moths ever! You simply can’t beat a vivid pink moth. No game for the other moths! XD

The mega Eclipse is coming in Usa, will the Rainbow Elves enjoy it? Who knows! They love everything star-moon-sky-gazing!

Have a Starry Sky everyone!


Red Panda

The “Red Panda” is the chosen animal for this week #AnimalAlphabets.

It is so cute that I decided to multiply its cuteness three times and draw not one, not two, but three cute red pandas!

Not so much going on for the tecnique, solid colors, no shades. I just decided to go for an autumnal look,  due to the panda reddish fur, using colors that looked nice with it, so a little autumnal, and coloring the moths with a  complementary purple color.

The little moths are attracted by the lighted lamps dangling from the vines.

Happy Summer Holidays Everyone!



Frog Prince

Once Upon a Time,

in a magical land of fairies and wizards a Prince was having the time of his life.

He was young and beautiful and nice and stylish and every girl wanted to date him.

But an evil wizard, in love with a girl that refused him for the love of the prince, transformed the prince in a frog.

Still he was a young and beautiful and nice and very stylish frog . Every girl frog in the pond loved him.

You can trick magic, but your true self always shows!

So be you prince or frog, or evil wizard, you , my dear reader, will now know how I did the picture below. Yes, magic has always a price. And you are going to pay for it!

Hahah, just kidding.

This week theme for #colour_collective was “Vert Réséda”, a vibrant shade of green.

I used it for the pond and the rest is story, or better, the rest is tale! hahah..hum. Well what was I saying? Right, the drawing! This time I used a base of solid colors and shaded them with the spray tool set on “shadow” on a layer set on “multiply”.

The pond’s bottom is done with the spray set on “running color spray” and “tone scraping”. I also used “tone scraping” for the rain drops on the stones in the back.

The rain in the background is done with a material (default with CSP) called “rain 02”.

Have a Magic Week-End Everyone!



The Quoll is the endangered animal for this round on #AnimalAlphabets.

This time I’ve decided to go for a simple drawing, due to the infernal weather in my country which makes being near a Pc like bathing in hot lava.

So I decided to depict my Quoll on a star, with watercolors and very few details.

As always the glow effect is done with a layer set on “add glow”. The mosaic effect in the stars is done with a material called “stained glass” (default with Clio Studio Paint).

Have a fresh Monday Everyone! (at least for the lucky ones who can)