“Cordovan”, a reddish-brown is the theme color for this week #colour_collective.

It is the colour of a famous type of shoe leather, but I decided to use it for some mushrooms.

Rainbow Elves love to stargaze on clear nights, and which best place than the top of a shroom?

I used a solid color base,  black outlines and shadow made on layer set on “multiply” and spray tool set on shadow, tone scraping and droplet to give different textures.

The little glow on the outlines of the elf, animals/insects, stars and shrooms is done with a layer set on “soft light” and the spray tool set on “soft” with a yellow color (the moon’s yellow).

With the a starring appearance of the Frog Prince , and furry maple moth. Do you know maple moths? NO? Well they are pink and yellow furry moths, vivid pink. Awesomest moths ever! You simply can’t beat a vivid pink moth. No game for the other moths! XD

The mega Eclipse is coming in Usa, will the Rainbow Elves enjoy it? Who knows! They love everything star-moon-sky-gazing!

Have a Starry Sky everyone!



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