Frog Prince

Once Upon a Time,

in a magical land of fairies and wizards a Prince was having the time of his life.

He was young and beautiful and nice and stylish and every girl wanted to date him.

But an evil wizard, in love with a girl that refused him for the love of the prince, transformed the prince in a frog.

Still he was a young and beautiful and nice and very stylish frog . Every girl frog in the pond loved him.

You can trick magic, but your true self always shows!

So be you prince or frog, or evil wizard, you , my dear reader, will now know how I did the picture below. Yes, magic has always a price. And you are going to pay for it!

Hahah, just kidding.

This week theme for #colour_collective was “Vert Réséda”, a vibrant shade of green.

I used it for the pond and the rest is story, or better, the rest is tale! hahah..hum. Well what was I saying? Right, the drawing! This time I used a base of solid colors and shaded them with the spray tool set on “shadow” on a layer set on “multiply”.

The pond’s bottom is done with the spray set on “running color spray” and “tone scraping”. I also used “tone scraping” for the rain drops on the stones in the back.

The rain in the background is done with a material (default with CSP) called “rain 02”.

Have a Magic Week-End Everyone!



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