“O is for Orangutan” is the endangered animal for this week #AnimalAlphabets on twitter.

Orangutans are the most intelligent apes on Earth, and according to wikipedia, they are capable of interaction on different levels, some orangutans in captivity use touch screen to play videogames! Would they like to play Donkey Kong?! 🙂

Jokes Apart, here my watercolors Orangutan, surrounded by all the Borneo’s best specialties! Yes, I investigated and found that jackfruits, durango, ranbutan and palm fruits are Orango favorite food! So I depicted the jackfruit (the reddish ones), durango (the yellow ones), and ranbutan’s flowers (the pink spiky ones)  all around her (yes she is a lady orangutan), plus the palm’s fruit (the branch with orange little fruits)!

The butterflies are a typical one from Borneo, the dots were supposed to be all black, but it resulted too harsh on the illustration, so i decided to live them white.

There are also two jackfruits (the actual fruits) can you spot them?

The brush I used is the same watercolor brush from my 2 previous posts, you can find there more info.

Happy Monday Everyone!



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