“Pantone 292 C” a shade of blue is the main color for this week #colour_collective on twitter.

It was screaming “Sea” to me. So here it is a very Summery Oceanish Illustration to cheer your week-end and make you feel like swimming, and sunbathing and having fun!

Like in my last illustration I decided to use a watercolor brush, the experimentation is so much fun! I used the same brush, the one called エッジ (google translates it as “border”).

I also detailed the lighthouse and the little beach with a marker-pen-brush called “Muted and Even Pen”. Unfortunately I can’t remember if this is default with CSP or if I downloaded it on CSP Asset. Probably the second one. I used it to ink-shade the windows on the lighthouse (with black strokes) and the dotting on the left. I also used it to dot and shade a little  the beach on the left. I left the outlines black.

Happy Summer Everyone!



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