“L is for Loris” is the endangered animal for this week #AnimalAlphabets.

The Loris is a nocturnal primate, with huge kind eyes. It is described as a shy animal, so that “In Indonesia, slow lorises are called malu malu or “shy one” because they freeze and cover their face when spotted.”(from wikipedia) How cute is that?

Unfortunately this animal is endangered due to exotic pet trade.

I decided to depict the loris on a moon, due to his nocturnal nature, a special moon which also is a forest, as the loris habitat. The loris is a little sad because he wants to stay in his natural environment and not to be a human pet exposed to daylight and in a cage.

I used solid colors on the loris, colored outlines and no shades. The moon color is done using a gradient from yellow to brown, so that moon-forest was a little golden-brown on the forest part. I did a zentangle all over the moon to add a tattoo effect. The glowing effect is done clipping a layer set on “add glow” to the background a using the spray tool with a yellow color. I also colored the moon and stars outline with a lighter yellow to enhance the glow effect.

Happy Moon Dreaming Everyone!



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