“K is for Kakapo” is the endangered animal for this week #AnimalAlphabets .

The kakapo is a New Zealand special parrot, the only one parrot who couldn’t fly and because of this has super fluffy feathers.

It’s name means “parrot-owl” because of the feathers on his face that make it looks a little like an owl.

According to a non-verified voice of wikipedia it smells like flowers and honey. I don’t know if it is true, but that makes this parrot a pro! I hope that it will survive and prosper. This world needs flower-honey-scented creatures!

I decided to create a picture with the kakapo surrounded by some of his habitat ‘s flora and fauna. So I added ferns and berries like the ones I saw in a picture of a kakapo. I than added fuchsias, because I’ve seen that they are a New Zealand flower. I also added little moons all over the drawing because kakapo is also a night bird. For the fauna I found that one of the native New Zealand butterflies is the Yellow Admiral, I depicted my butterflies like them, but than I decided to change the colors to fit better in the picture (the admiral has orange and black wings, but I found that black resulted too strong compared to the surrounding colors). So think of my butterflies like a fantasy admiral version.

Again I used solid colors and colored outlines

Have a Fluffy Monday Everyon!



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