The Cassowary is a very special kind of bird, one of the biggest birds on earth.

It is also this week theme for #AnimalAlphabet on Twitter “C is for Cassowary”.

I did this illustration early in April to give it as “sample img” for the hashtag, so I will try to remember the tecqnique as best as I can.

The most difficult part of the drawing were the “feathers” which on the Cassowary  consist of  shaft and loose barbules (as from Wikipedia). So I did a base of single drawn feather with the G-pen, doing multiple lines, than I used the spray tool in an underlying layer with a mix of blue, brown and black. Than I used the spray tool set on “running color” to add light and texture. I used the spray set on “droplet” or “tone scraping” to add texture on the legs, head and beak.

The waterfall’s stone is also textured with the spray tool on “tone scraping” using blue and green.

All the shadow are done with the spray tool set on “shadow”. The grass is done with the brush called えんぴつ塗りつぶし 2 (fill brush 2) (free on CSP Asset). The background of the bushes and tree on the back is done with one of the default material of CSP called Monochrome.

Did you know that the male Cassowary takes care of the chicks? So the one in the picture is a Dad!

Happy May Everyone!




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