Asiatic Black Bear

The new round of #AnimalAlphabets on twitter is about endangered animals.

Thw first letter is “A is for Asiatic Black Bear”. The Asiatic Black Bear has unique feature on his chest, a beautiful pale yellow line of fur that resemble a bat wing (at least in my mind), you can read more of him in this page of wikipedia.

At first I taught of drawing the bear in some kind of kung-fu pose with a red background a some kind of black chinese glyph. But suddenly while I was sketching the bat-wing-resembling-yellow-part of his chest I tought of a comic about a very special type of Hero Bear!

I used the Frame feature of CSP for cutting the page with the scene I wanted and than I used the usually comic-cartonish style that I like a lot lately, with solid colors and black outlines.

As always the glowing parts are done with a layer set on “add glow” and the “soft spray” tool.

The line effect on the second cartoon is done with one of the “Saturated Line” tool, that is in this case “the scattered saturated line”.

While the yellow lines around the balloon on the first strip is done with a default material of CSP called “Sea urchin flash circle 02”.

I used texture patterns for the monks clothes and the cushion that are also default with CSP. The backgrounds are done using different kind of gradients.

So here it is my web comic. Happy Reading!



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