“Celadon” a shade of green is the color theme for this week #colour_collective on twitter.

I decided to use it as the color for a clover leaf on top of that is a very special kind of ladybug : a “CutieBug”!

A CutieBug is an extremely caring bug who spread love to everyone, and likes to wear a fancy bow in the shade of his wings!

I did this illustration using a solid color base and than shading with the spray tool set on “shadow”. This time I colored the outline obtaining a “no outline style” using a layer clipped to the black outline and then colouring with the same color of the current subject, except for the swirl on the clover leaf, the cutiebug and the pink flower in the back.

The starry background is done with the “Glitter 01″ color pattern (default with CSP) and setting it to”layer color”, obtaining a shade of blue.

The pollen on the snapdragon flower in the back is done with the spray tool set on “tone scraping” and a yellow color. I used the same tool for the cutiebug shadow.

Love everyone from the CutieBug!



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