The Story of Zoulvisia

Zoulvisia is an Armenian fairy tale and the theme for this week #animal_alphabet on twitter “Z is for Zoulvisia”. The story is too long to report, so if you want you can find it here.

“Every day at sunrise Zoulvisia dresses herself in her jacket of pearls, and mounts the steps of her crystal watch–tower. From there she can see all over her lands, and behold the entrance of either man or demon. If so much as one is detected she utters such fearful cries that those who hear her die of fright”(cit. from the story).

I decided to depict Zoulvisia as a not very talented  singer in “Armenia’s got Talent”, as you can see in the picture the judges don’t like her singing very much except for “The King” that instantly fall in love with her (as in the fairytale).

I used a comic style, with solid colors, black outline and no shading. The light on the stage bulbs and the “X” are done with a layer set to “add glow” and the spray tool.

The background is done with the gradient “night sky” (default with CSP).

Happy Singing everyone!




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