Sunday at the Park

“Burnt Sienna” was the theme colour for this week #colour_collective on twitter.

I immediately taught of a fancy dress. So here it is my Lady during his Sunday stroll at the park.

This time I decided to try a coloured-pencil hand-coloured kinda style. I did a solid color base and then textured everything in different ways. The trees in the background are textured using a CSP brush called “Diagonal Line” doing ripetitive circle ( this brush is under the decoration tool in the section “hatching”).

The grass is done using a free brush from the CSP Asset called えんぴつ塗りつぶし 2 (filling pencil 2), used with different green/brown tones.

The texture on the animals and the lady are done with the colored pencil tool.

The texture on the parasol are done with the “filling brush 2” for the outside and a free brush from the CSP Asset called 鉛筆斜線 . The light shading for the sky is done with a brush called Frost (always from the CSP Asset).

The dirt around the mole is done with the speay tool set on “droplet”.

Can you spot the little Rainbow elf?

Happy stroll everyone!



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