Happy Monkey

This week color for the twitter hashtag #colour_collective was “Clover Green”.

I decided  to draw some leaves and to contrast it with something orangy, in this case with an orange happy monkey!

I used solid colors for the base and then shaded the branches and leaves with a brush called Frost (from the CSP assets). The monkey’s body is textured with a brush called “filling brush” that I already mentioned in the post “Circus Circus“. The monkey shadows are done with two types of brushes,one called “Tofu” and with the default one called “rough chalk” (also mentioned previously in the same post).

The background is done with a layer set on “exclusion”  to fill only the white spaces, and a rainbow gradient (you can you use the default one and change the colors to your linking, or download one from the many on Clip Studio Paint Assets).

Be Happy Everyone!




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