Circus Circus

“Amaranth”, a shade of red, was the color chosen for this week #colour_collective challenge on twitter. It made me think of the stripes of a circus tent, so I decided to draw a Circus themed drawing and use this color for the stripes.

I used a solid color base for the tent and all the animals and clown, and than I added the shadow using a crayon brush (defualt with CSP) called Raugh Chalk. The Elephant skin is done using a mix beetween raugh chalk and Charcoal (also default). For the textured effect on the circus tent I used a brush downloadable from the CSP Assets called 豆腐ブラシ (tofu brush) .I decided to put the japanese name, so you can find it more easely if you want.

For the grass I used a base brown layer and than added on top a green layer done with a  brush called えんぴつ塗りつぶし 2 (fill brush 2) that simulate the grass blades.

The blue sky is also done with the tofu brush, and the clouds with the chalk brush.

Have fun with this Merry Circus!



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