Trappist 1

The color for the #colour_collective hashtag on twitter for this week was Sweet Potato, a shade of orange. It made me think of the astrounaut’s space suit, so due to the recent Nasa’s discovery of the Trappist 1 solar system I decided for a Space themed scene.

Trappist-1’s Tourism Patrol is very strict about speed limits! So watch out when you are riding your spaceship!

I did this illustration with CSP, using a solid color base and then shading in two ways: a layer set to multiply and the spray tool on “shadow” for the two spaceships and the planet H (the foreground green planet), and cell-shading for the alien and the astronaut. The multiple-lines effect on planet H is done using a brush called “Creepy Line 2” (translation from the Japanese of Google Translate). All the other planets are done with a brushed called “medium sputtering” (also a translation from japanese). The sun is textured with the spray tool set on “tone scraping” (default with CSP). The glow effect on the sun is done with a layer set on “add glow” with the spray also on “tone scraping” and strokes of a “transparent watercolor” brush. The brushed I mentioned are free on CSP Assets. Happy Space Ride Everyone!



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