Three Little Pigs (and a bad bad Wolf…)

The theme for this week #animal_alphabet on twitter was “Three Little Pigs”. So Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce to you “The Howlings”, a fantastic new band!

They will rock your house!

Jokes apart, I did this illustration with the good ol’ good Clip Studio Paint using solid colors and cell shading for the three pigs and the wolf. For the instruments I used a solid color base and than I did the shades with a layer set on “multiply” and the spray tool set on “shadow”. The stage curtains and the back wall are textured with two different kind of textures: “impasto” for the wall, and canvas fort he curtains (they all comes with the program for free). For the light effect on the spotlight I used a layer set on “add glow” and then  I added a stroke of yellow . The wolf’s shirt has a blue base with a pattern called “rose” (also free with CSP). Hope you like it!




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