“K is for Kakapo” is the endangered animal for this week #AnimalAlphabets .

The kakapo is a New Zealand special parrot, the only one parrot who couldn’t fly and because of this has super fluffy feathers.

It’s name means “parrot-owl” because of the feathers on his face that make it looks a little like an owl.

According to a non-verified voice of wikipedia it smells like flowers and honey. I don’t know if it is true, but that makes this parrot a pro! I hope that it will survive and prosper. This world needs flower-honey-scented creatures!

I decided to create a picture with the kakapo surrounded by some of his habitat ‘s flora and fauna. So I added ferns and berries like the ones I saw in a picture of a kakapo. I than added fuchsias, because I’ve seen that they are a New Zealand flower. I also added little moons all over the drawing because kakapo is also a night bird. For the fauna I found that one of the native New Zealand butterflies is the Yellow Admiral, I depicted my butterflies like them, but than I decided to change the colors to fit better in the picture (the admiral has orange and black wings, but I found that black resulted too strong compared to the surrounding colors). So think of my butterflies like a fantasy admiral version.

Again I used solid colors and colored outlines

Have a Fluffy Monday Everyon!


To Darken Feathers

It’s #colour_collective time! This time the the chosen color is “licorice”, a veryn dark shade of brown (almost black).

Did you know that nothing is better than licorice to darken your fluffy feathers? No? Well now you know! As the crows in my illustration already knew.

So here they are eating licorice to have the most beautiful shade of black !

Guess what? Flat colors, colored outline, gradient for the background! Yes same old same old!

Sweet Eating Everyone!



Javan Rhino

The Javan Rhino is this week endangered animal for #AnimalAlphabets.

This particular type of rhino is in serious risk of extinction due to loss of habitat and poachers.

It is a very particular animal with a skin that looks like an armor. I decided to depict the animal with some of the javan flora and fauna drawn as a sort of pattern. I included mongroves , mongrove’s flowers, palms and and a very stylized type of javan dragonfly that has red wings with transparent tips.

I’ve done a little shading on the rhino and than used all flat color, with no shades for the other elements.

Happy Week Everyone!


Ceylon Dragon

“Ceylon Yellow” is the color for today’s #colour_collective on twitter. It is a dark shade of yellow.

I taught that this shade was perfect for the harry potter’s gryffindor theme, a little too dark maybe, but still gryffindorish!

So here it is my Ceylon Dragon, and avid reader, tea drinker and toys collector. Can you spot the beautiful King Octo plush?

This time I used a very tiny color-palette, repeating the same colors here and there to obtain an organic result.

So happy reading and tea-drinking you Gryffindor fellas, see ya soon!


Indian Elephant

“I is for Indian Elephant” is the animal theme for this week #AnimalAlphabets.

So here it is my very indian-style elephant. I really liked doing it because it took me back to when I drew mostly mandala and zentangle ( to see them you can take a  look at my instagram  and search for the older picture.)

My old basic style here. Nothing to declare. Hope you Enjoy it!


Witch Essentials

Being a Witch requires some serious equipment, so I take advantage of this week #colour_collective to “list” the most important of them!

“Iris Blue” is the theme colour, and I used it in the background, because, don’t know why, violet-purple colors are “witchy” to me! 🙂

I did it in my now consolidated style with flat colors, no shades and colored outlines.

Happy Witching Everyone!



“Hawksbill Turtle” is the endangered species for this week #AnimalAlphabets.

A sea turtle with a pointy beak.

I decided to draw it in a “sea-themed-panel” with other sea creatures and a very special guest starring from His majesty King Octo (He loves little cameo roles).

Super flat comic style, no shades and black outlines, the only thing to note here  is the turtle shell done with the material “Arabesque pattern 02” turned to the turtle’s color (default with CSP).

Enjoy your swimming!


Apple Orchard

“Apple Green” is the chosen colour for this week #colour_collective.

I decided to follow the “apple” theme and go with an entire orchard!

My orchard has three very special guests, maybe you remember them from my post “Tea Time“.

Not so much going on here, just flat colors and same old spray tool shadows.

Happy harvesting Everyone!



“G is for Gorilla” is the animal theme for this week #AnimalAlphabets on twitter.

The muscular  bouncer at discos entrance are said “gorilla” in my country, so I decided to depict my Gorilla as a fancy bouncer in a very exclusive Disco, the “Monkey Disco”!

I used a solid color base, did some shading on the clothes with the spray tool and than created a layer set on “add glow” to create all the glowing and light reflection in the illustration.

Happy Dancing Everyone!


Guardians Of The Galaxy

“Wenge”, a shade of maroon/grey is this week color for #colour_collective.

I tought to use it for a raccoon face, Rocket’s face!

Same old tecnique here: solid colors, no shades, colored outlines.

Happy Galaxy Rescuing Everyone!