Pumpkin Kid

“Midnight Green” a deep shade of green is the main color for this week #colour_collective on twitter.

I decided to use it as a midnight background for my little fella, a pumpkin kid!

The pumpkin kid wander during halloween time, bringing joy and pumpkins! His trusty black cat follows him wherever he goes, and they have a relly great time together.

This time I used a solid color base and then I did all the shades with two different brushes: the chalk brush and the creepy line brush. On the pumpkin kid’s clothes I then used a watercolor blend tool to smooth the effect. The glow effect is done with a layer set on “add glow” and the spray tool. I also used the “creepy lines” to contour the drawing.

Have a Pumkin Week-End Everyone!





Here we are! The final letter of the endangered series of #AnimalAlphabets on twitter, the Zebra!

I did it! All the letters, congratulations to me! 😀

Jokes apart, it was a very nice journey, I learned a lot about animals, some of which I even didn’t know they existed.

I decided to end this ride sending love to all the artists who partecipated to the challenge, so here it is my Zebra spreading love “from A to Z”, see what I did here? Uh? Heheh…

There is actually a pool for the next theme of the next Animal Alphabets, the two main candidates are “Preistoric Creatures” and “Movie/Books carachters” I hope for the second, we will see.

By the way, the month of October is the month of Inktober, for the ones of you who don’t know it,  it is basically a challenge in which everyone should do and post a hand-drawn ink drawing every day all october long. I did some drawings, if you want to see them you can check my Instagram or twitter account.

So this is it for today.

Have a Week full of Love Everyone, from A to Z!


A Bow

Ruby is the chosen color for this week #colour_collective.

And ruby red is the bow of my little story. What is the story of the bow? Just look at my illustration and imagine it! Let your mind go wild!

This time I decided to give the chosen color the most possible enphasis, leaving most of the drawing in black, grey and white. with only little ruby accents. Solid colors and no shades for everything except the bow, which is shadowed with the spray tool and a layer set on multiply.

The little grey lines on the backgrounds are done with a brush called “creepy lines” that I downloaded from the CSP Asset.

Have a Ruby Week-End Everyone!


Yellow-Eyed Penguin

The “Yellow-Eyed Penguin” is the endangered species for this week #AnimalAlphabets.

Penguin? BANG! There’s only one Penguin! The BATMAN Penguin!!!

Ok, there are more, but still, my Yellow-Eyed-Penguin is a Batman-fan and long story short here he is while thinking of his favorite carachter!

Ultra basic old tecnique. I wanted the drawing to be extremely simple.

Only one more letter to the end of this AnimalAlphabets round! What a ride!

Have a Bat-Week Everyone!


Tinker Bell

“Old lace” is this week color for #colour_collective.

It is a shade of yellow, a very light one!

I didn’t have the time to draw this week, so I decided to reproduce a little sketch that I had on a scrap of paper, a little Tinker Bell, and I used the yellow tone on her hair , the center of the flower and on the embellishments around her.

I used the symmetrical ruler and realized the drawing in a small time.

Have a Magical Week-End Everyone!


Xanthophryne tigerina

“X is for Xanthophryne tigerina” is the endangered animal for this round #AnimalAlphabets.

The Xanthophryne tigerina is a type of frog endangered due to habitat loss.

I decided to depict it at night watching the moon and the stars under a dewy leaf.

This time I used a solid color base, and than I used a watercolor brush to add shadows and light.

Have a Ribbit week Everyone!



Pewter Blue is the chosen color for this week #colour_collective on twitter.

I decided to depict His Majesty, King Octo, while sanding the rare pewter corals.

His Majesty is in fact very fond of sea-gardening, and  never fails to take care of the rarest a most beautiful ocean’s treasure!

Good Old tecnique here.

Have a Nice start of Autumn Everyone!


Whooping Crane

Guess What? Whooping Crane is the endangered animal for this round #AnimalAlphabets on twitter!

The Whooping Crane is the biggest bird in America and is endangered due to habitat loss.

This time I decided to use a more realistic and less cartoonish style. I depicted my Whooping crane with her little baby chick, surrounded by embellishments.

Old tecnique here. Nothing to declare.

Have a Whooping Week Everyone!




Vert Pré is this week’s colour for  #colour_collective. It is a vivid shade of green.

In the moment I saw this colour I taught of the wicked west witch from “The Wizard of Oz”.

So here it is my wicked witch, with his skin as green as the envy for the merry quartet (+ toto) on the yellow brick road directed to Oz. But the road to Oz is also the Witch’s hat!

Ha! What a magical idea! (self-satisfaction moment!).

Jokes apart, basic solid technique here, with the use of a material called “flash of light” on the back of the hat to get a billboard effect.

Have an Emerald week-end everyone!



The Vaquita is the endangered animal for this round #AnimalAlphabets.

Only 30 vaquita remain on the planet. It is a very endangered species.

So here it is my very sad Vaquita, reading 100 year of solitude on the bottom of the sea.

Hoping that the Vaquita will survive I leave you with my illustration. Old drawing tecnique here.

Have a happy Week!